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    Project Research
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       1990 Denominations as Listed by Glenmary Research Center

    Study Neighborhoods
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       Broad Ripple
           Narrative History
       Butler Tarkington
           Narrative History
           Narrative History
       Crooked Creek
           Narrative History
           Narrative History
       Fountain Square
           Narrative History
       Greater Southeast
           Narrative History
           Narrative History
       Mapleton-Fall Creek
           Narrative History
       Mars Hill
       Martindale Brightwood
           Narrative History
       Near Eastside
           Narrative History
       Near Westside
           Narrative History
           Narrative History
           Narrative History
           Narrative History

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       Clergy Notes
           Advertising Religion: A Necessary Evil, or Just Necessary
           Alternative Services
           Banking on Community
           Call It Declension…Or Staying Power
           Changing Expectations for Clergy Activists
           Cities on a Journey
           Clergy in the Classroom
           Coming Down from the Volunteer Summit
           Community Lost?
           Congregations and Computers
           Congregations as Social Providers
           Connecting the Congregation and the Academy
           Continuing Education for Clergy
           Getting and Giving the 4-1-1
           Good Information, Sound Decisions
           Hispanics and Congregations
           Knowing Our Place
           Learning from Students
           Lunch and Food for the Spirit
           Meeting at the Crossroads: Religion and Urban Life
           Ministerial Associations in Indianapolis
           Readings on Religion, Spirituality, and the New Reformation
           Religious Organizations and Political Activism
           Resources Roundup
           Small Group Ministries
           Summer Reading: Additions to Your List
           Taking Care of Business
           The Other Side of Prosperity
           Two Maps of the Same Neighborhood
           Urban-Suburban Partnerships are Growing
           Welfare Reform Poses New Challenges for Congregations
           What – Me a Racist?
           What Do You Know?
           What's Your Place in the City?
           When Average Doesn't Mean Typical
           When Construction Projects Become Destructive
           When Rendering Unto God
           World Religions in Indianapolis
           You Carry
       Religion & Community
           Complex Relationships
           Congregations and Charitable Choice
           Congregations and Economic Development
           Creating Community
           Faith Based Youth Outreach Programs
           Immigrant and Ethnic Congregations     PDF
           In Search of Belonging: The Hispanic Religious Presence in Indianapoli
           Place and Identity
           Public Teaching and Public Learning
           Race and Religion in Indianapolis
           Religion and Social Capital
           The Changing Role of Clergy     PDF
           Windows on Culture
       Research Notes
           A Report on the 1997 Summer Research Effort
           Age and Tenure Among Indianapolis Clergy
           An Analysis of Congregational Programs
           Ethno-Racial Diversity within Indianapolis Congregations
           Faith and Place: Religion and the Metropolis in Historical Perspective
           Indianapolis Clergy: Private Ministries, Public Figures
           Religion and Mobility in 20th Century Indianapolis
           Religion and Social Welfare in 20th Century Indianapolis
           Religion and the Regional Metropolis
           Religious Attitudes in Indianapolis: A Survey
           The Changing Face of Indianapolis Religion
           The Mosaic of Black Religion in Indianapolis
           The Religious Landscape of Indianapolis
           Thinking of Congregations as Community Assets
           Urban Congregations as Local Actors
           Urban Congregations as Local Actors: The Rest of the Story
           What Do You Mean By Average?
       Responsive Communities
           Adult Day Care
           Congregations and 12-step Recovery
           Congregations and Child Care
           Congregations and Community Banking
           Congregations and Cyberspace
           Congregations and Homosexuality
           Congregations and Non-member Weddings
           Congregations and Poverty Relief
           Congregations and the Arts
           Congregations as Public Space
           Congregations, Spirituality, and Health
           Faith-Based Schools
           Housing and Homelessness
           Hunger Relief
           Ministerial Alliances
           Parish Nursing
           Prison Ministry
           Urban-Suburban Partnerships
           Youth Mentoring

       Search Books
       “See You in Church?” Religion and Culture in Urban America
           Book Prospectus
       A Public Charity: Religion and Social Welfare in Indianapolis
           Book Prospectus
       Falling Toward Grace: Images of Religion and Culture from the Heartlan
           Ordering Information
       Rising Expectations: Urban Congregations, Welfare Reform, and Civic Li
           Place Order
       Sacred Circles, Public Squares
           Book Prospectus
       Souls of the City: Metropolitan Growth and Religious Change in Postwar
           Place Order
       The Polis Center Series on Religion and Urban Culture
           Titles in The Polis Center Series on Religion and Urban Culture
       Urban Tapestry
           Place Order
       Voices of Faith: Making A Difference in Urban Neighborhoods
           Ordering Information

       Search Videos
       Faith & Community: The Public Role of Religion
           Faith-Based Partnerships
           Models of Metropolitan Ministry
           Place Order
           Religion & Immigration
           Religion in Black & White
           Religion's Contribution of Social Leadership
           Religion's Role in Health Care
           Sacred Spaces
           The Public Role of Clergy
           The Religious Landscape
           The Role of Religion in Public Crisis
           The Vitality of Religion
       Faith and Community in Broad Ripple
       Religion as a Window on Culture
           Episode I: Introduction and Sacred Space (20 min.)
           Episode II: Sacred Space Continued (16 min.)
           Episode III: Sacred Time (20 min.)
           Episode IV: Sacred Memory as Ritual (19 min.)
           Episode V: Sacred Memory as Story (21 min.)
           Episode VI: Sacred Journey and Conclusion (22 min.)

    Curriculum Materials
       Search Curriculum Materials
       Faith and Community in Broad Ripple
           A Lesson Plan & Discussion Guide For High School Sociology or Religion
           A Lesson Plan and Discussion Guide for Congregations
       Religion and Public Life (Summer 2002)
           Beliefs, Attitudes and Practices of the Indianapolis Religious Communi
           Faith-Based Partnerships
           Private Ministries and Public Lives
           Religion and Race
           Religion and Social Services: Health Care
           Religion's Contribution of Social Leadrship
           The Indianapolis Religious Landscape
           The Role of Urban-Suburban Partnerships
           The Sacred Spaces of Indianapolis
           The Vitality of Religion in Indianapolis
       Religion as a Window on Culture
           Sacred Journey and Conclusion
           Sacred Memory
           Sacred Rituals, Sacred Spaces
           Sacred Space
           Sacred Texts and Stories
           Sacred Time
           Series Introduction
           Suggested Use

       Search Exhibition
       Covenant: Living in the Presence of God
           Exhibition Overview
           Exhibition Photographer
       Falling Toward Grace: Images of Religion and Culture from the Heartlan
           Exhibition Overview
           Exhibition Photographers

    Other Publications
       Search Other Publications
       Faith and Community: A Historic Walking Tour
           Faith and Community: A Historic Walking Tour
       Prologue: Religion in the Shaping of 20th Century America (an occaisio
           Poverty and Progress in America's Heartland: Religion and Social Servi
           Religion and the Performing Arts in Indianapolis in the 20th Century
           Religion and Women
           Stay or Go? Religion and City Growth in Indianapolis Since World War I
           Transplanted Communities: Religion and Foreign-Born Populations in Ind
       Ten Good Questions About Faith-based Partnerships and Welfare Reform
           Ten Good Questions About Faith-based Partnerships and Welfare Reform

    Project Staff
       Kevin R. Armstrong
       David J. Bodenhamer
       Vicki Cummings
       Etan Diamond
       Jeffery A. Duvall
       Arthur E. Farnsley II
       Anne Laker
       David Licht
       Mary Mapes
       William A. Mirola
       Dawn Parks
       Jan Shipps
       Ted Slutz
       Elfriede Wedam

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